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"10 years Venet-Haus Gallery!"

10 Jahre Venet-Haus Galerie
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10 years Venet-Haus gallery!


10 years Venet-Haus Gallery!

Dear friends of art & art lovers,

On this special occasion, I would like to thank you for your loyal companionship and support over the past 10 years! Without you, the Venet-Haus Gallery would not be what it is today.

Together with many of our artists, we present the anniversary exhibition “Ten years for the future of art” , until 10.09. 

We are looking forward to your visit at the Venet-Haus Gallery!

Your Verena Wieland


With innovative approaches, Verena Wieland brings contemporary art into the future and into the centre of society. 

Verena Wieland has been shaping the Ulm art scene for more than a decade. In 2012, she took over the Venet-Haus Galerie, which was founded in 2007 and created a place that not only brings young and contemporary artists together with an interested public. She has also added new radiance to Ulm’s cultural life beyond the state’s borders.



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Verena Wieland sees herself as an innovative gallery owner with visions and new ideas regarding the art market. One result of her tireless and passionate work for art is her second gallery, which opened in 2021 on Ulm’s Münsterplatz and carries the universal idea of art into the centre of society.

A passion for art was awakened at an early age

Verena Wieland discovered her love to art at a very early age. Even today, she can remember with pleasure visits to museums and exhibitions as a child and teenager. Now, as then, her access to works of art was a very immediate one. It is probably due to these early experiences with real works of art that today she can only really experience art through direct access, in galleries or museums.

Her affinity for art finally led Verena Wieland to study literature, art and media at the University of Constance after graduating from high school. Even after her studies, she closely followed current developments and trends in the German art scene as a marketing manager at the Best Western hotel group.

The crucial impulse came from an art collector

Some ideas need some time to mature. And these ideas sometimes need an impulse to finally be translated into action. Verena Wieland finally received such an impulse from Werner Schneider, her former father-in-law at that time and still a passionate patron of art today. Together with him, Verena Wieland visited numerous art fairs and exhibitions. At the same time, she was already able to establish many valuable contacts with artists, gallery owners and art professionals. Verena Wieland was able to gain very practical experience of the art scene while looking after private art collections. Full of new inspiration and new ideas, Verena Wieland finally took over the Venet-Haus Galerie in 2012.

The Venet-Haus Galerie: An important space for contemporary art in Ulm

There had been nothing comparable in Ulm before. From the very beginning, the Venet-Haus Galerie, run by Mrs. Wieland, has promoted contemporary emerging young artists from Southern Germany, but also actively researched young talents at art fairs worldwide. At the same time, the gallery understood and still understands itself as an important platform for the art world, where gallery owners, artists or curators can meet, collaborate and exchange ideas. This collaborative and interactive approach is one of the unique selling points of the Venet-Haus Galerie.

With innovative approaches, Verena Wieland brings contemporary art into the future and into the midst of society

For her, art is an important form of expression for thoughts and feelings. Central to her gallery concept is therefore that visitors can experience art. The choice for the location of Verena Wieland’s second gallery was therefore no coincidence: Ulm’s Münsterplatz. It brings art to a central place in the social and public life of the Münsterstadt and thus the lively idea of art that can be experienced right in the middle of society.



Studio Managerin 

With the perfect mix of Ms. Leinhoss current bachelor’s degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Neu-Ulm, she is able to combine theoretical learning with practical knowledge. Motivated and full of enthusiasm towards new experiences and projects, Saskia Leinhoss was able to discover a hidden fascination and passion for art.


Art Consultant

After 20 years of successful entrepreneurship in sales, Norbert Leins now joins the team as an expert who looks at the art business from a different perspective – that of an art collector. Mr. Leins brings his love and passion for collecting art to Venet Galerie and our customers can look forward to valuable advice and exclusive information. 

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Studio Managerin 

At the end of her studies in Information Management and Corporate Communications, Anna Häberle strengthens the gallery team with another member. She brings her theoretically learned knowledge and fresh ideas to the gallery and supports the team flexibly in all areas. Our customers can look forward to great advice.


  • 07|23

    "10 Years Venet-Haus Gallery" - We want to thank you!

    Thank you - to all our customers, art collectors and visitors for your loyal company and support over the last 10 years. Just in time for our birthday, we would like to invite you to our anniversary weekend on July 14 and 15 at Venet-Haus Galerie in Ulm. Together with many of our artists we are looking forward to your visit!

    Opening: 14.07.23

With a few clicks you can find art that is fun!  Choose between countless young, well-known, new artists and find your unique piece and/or edition on canvas, wood, metal or paper.  Relax and browse through the whole range of artistic forms of expression.



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